maanantai 17. maaliskuuta 2008


Hi there,

So, the UK-tour came and went and we decided to choose the blog-lazy wheel, so it´s been quite quiet here... :)

We played still 4 shows and they were Glasgow, Nottingham, York and London, and everyone of them was ace!

Feb. 9th - London, Barfly
Especially the last gig in London was a night to remember, because the gig was in London Camden Town and the big market place of Camden just burned down during the evening.
The athmosphere was quite HOT as the next block was on big fire and the venue was really really sold-out and too full. But it was indeed one of the best gigs we´ve played as the crowd went really wild on that one and we had a nice party again with the DT-guys, now for the last time on this tour as they left back to Sweden with bus and we went to hotel in London and flew back to Finland. Lots of cheering to both ways, manly hugs and future plans were made of and hopefully we´ll do this again soon with the swedes, as they´re the best!

We also learned on this last trip from hotel to airport, that it isn´t the best decision to go with London Underground with all your band gear with you... :) Eerik has also some tasks to do before police letting him to fly away from UK, because of his lost passport. He went to the police station to get some "id" and he get a nice paper where were description of the situation: "A loser was playing a gig in York and lost his passport there at the venue...." :)

Feb 8th - York, Fibbers
York was a really cool old town and this time we had a lot of time to spent on tourist activities as we were already early in the morning on the city. We visited some restaurant pub which was formed in 16th century, so we assumed that they have had enough time to learn the secrets of cooking. Ehh, but no.. Because the food didn´t satisfied our needs, we decided to take some promo photos on the same pub, but ehhh.. It didn´t worked either. On this venue it was first time to do the first movement towards our beloved tour blog, as you might have read over a month ago on the last update... :)

The venue was quite small but it was really packed full and the audience was really enjoying our set. Maybe from now on we should only do shows in UK, nowhere else, and with Dark Tranquillity because this combo works!

Eerik decided also to lose his bag for the 4th(!) time on this trip and this time forgetted the bag to the venue for good. So, he haven´t got anymore the passport... Nothing else to do here than have a bus lounge party again with line-up Finland vs. Sweden, and the competition was hard. The winners were again Harri of OG and Martin B. of DT, who were the last ones (lying) in the downstairs again.

Feb. 7th - Nottingham, Rock City
Familiar place, we played the Nottingham Rock City venue also on our last UK tour in 2006 and it was a blast. Eerik and Markus were first to awake in the morning and headed to the city centre to have a true and evil english breakfast, and found also Thin Lizzy and Yes dvd´s on the trip to save the evening in the bus. The day was also saved by the shower that was the first shower on the venue backstage on this tour!! We also met the promoter of our last tour, Karina and Ade of Black River Project, the support band of the last tour, so it was nice to meet friends after some time and they came to see the show.

The gig was again amazing and it was veeery hot and sweaty. After our gig there was a BIG metal disco on the Rock City upstairs and we tried to start the party engine but failed. The evenings parties were little bit peaceful than yesterday due to the hangover because of the yesterday... :) Markus and Aapo tested the Kentucky Fried Chicken and it turned out to be better to use with the garbage can, so we really recommend it!

Feb. 6th - Glasgow, Barfly
We had also nice time doing some tourist activities on the city before and after the soundcheck as the bus was quite early on the place. This ment some pub culture research with the scotsmen, though we didn´t understand many words what the scottish were speaking. At least they were really happy people so it was enough, don´t need to understand anything just smile.

The gig was again a good one, and the crowds were going bigger and bigger all the time - this package really works! After the gig we had a strange family meeting with The Purdons and purdon related friends, as our bassists Eeriks father is a true scotsman! So, the scotsmen handed us a plenty of beers and spirits in pub near the venue. Father Purdons friend was then exposed to be the legendary actor - Michael Caine. Or at least we decided that he is, because he looked really like Mr. Caine.

After this the two Martins of DT were asking us to join them and going to casino, but we decided to be boring and just had a big bus party with the rest of the DT´s and crew. Maybe we should´ve to go with the Martins as when they came back they had pockets full of pounds they had won there. But we had the great boogies on the bus with the swedish and the expose or ressurrection was the Beowulf, Mikael the bassman of DT, who changed to beowulf when he had some booze. His on/off switch were switched on and he showed some real finnish loud drunken action and friendly wrestling to be a swedish! :) We also found out that nobody on this bus aren´t a real metal head, there were found Rush, Yes, Genesis, Massive Attack, Air, Porcupine Tree, Depeche Mode etc. fans on both bands and we spend the night listening and dancing with this music til we passed out...